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Construction Engineering Organization of East Azerbaijan Province

About the Organization

With more than three  hundred employees, thirty  two thousand active members, and fifteen thousand members having engineering business license in seven engineering fields of civil, architectural, electrical, mechanical, surveying, urbanization, and traffic, the Construction Engineering Organization of East Azerbaijan Province provides engineering and educational services related to the given fields in Tabriz city, twelve representative offices, and two branches in the towns of East Azerbaijan province.

History of the Organization

The Construction Engineering Organization is a non-governmental and non-profit organization (provides public services without the state budget but with the participation of its members), which has been established based on the Construction Engineering Organization and Control Act approved in 1995 and the executive by-laws approved from 1996 to 2004 under the supervision of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development to ensure the widest possible participation of engineers in regulating their professional affairs and achieving the objectives of the given Act. Having the main purpose of improving the quality of engineering services and monitoring the proper implementation of services in such areas as supervision, design, and administration, the organization has been formed to achieve the objectives described below.
It is worth noting that the Construction Engineering Organization of East Azerbaijan Province, as the first province in the country, started controlling the plan and monitoring the construction in 1998 in Tabriz.

General Objectives of Forming the Organization
*    To put the technical engineers and construction specialists at the top of the construction pyramid, the owners of technical skills in the middle levels, and the technical workers in the body of the construction technical pyramid in Iran.
*    To create a professional community that provides wealth, prosperity, knowledge, and art for its members
*    To ensure the safety, health, and comfort of residential environments and to manage wisely the development
*    To provide healthy living spaces with the help of design engineers and the general supervision of the Construction Engineering Organization
*    To promote the capacity for creativity and innovation in the construction industry at the national and regional levels and to create a context for international competitions.

Authorities and Duties of the Organization

*    Strengthening and developing Islamic culture and values in the architecture and urbanization.
*    Arranging affairs related to technical and engineering professions in the sectors of construction and urbanization.
*    Providing opportunities for growth and promotion of engineering in the country.
*    Promoting the principles of architecture and urbanization, increasing public awareness of such principles and national construction regulations, and increasing productivity.
*    Improving the quality of engineering services and monitoring the proper implementation of services.
*    Increasing the technical knowledge of the owners of the professions in this sector.
*    Establishing national construction regulations to ensure safety, health, proper profitability, comfort, and economic efficiency, and enforcing and controlling them to support people as beneficiaries of buildings, urban spaces, and public accessions, and protecting and increasing the productivity of materials, energy, and national assets.
*    Preparing and adjusting the foundations of pricing engineering services
*    Obligating all government agencies, municipalities, builders, engineers, exploiters, and natural and legal people related to the construction sector to comply with national construction regulations, urbanization rules, and provisions of comprehensive, detailed, and guide plans as the principles governing their relations and activities, and providing the grounds for full cooperation between the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, municipalities, engineering and professional associations, and construction classes.
*    Attracting the professional participation of engineers and owners of construction professions and classes in the preparation and implementation of development plans in the country.

Members of the Presiding Board of the Organization:

*    Dizaji ,Reza; President of the Organization
*    Motamednia ,Alireza; First Vice President
*    Kashani Asl ,Shahram; Second Vice President
*    Sadeghi Nahr ,Roya; Secretary
*    Taghizadeh, Bahloul; Treasurer

Members of the Board of Directors of the Organization:

*    Adam Navasi, Shahab

*    Alilou, Mehdi

*    Bagheri Sighlani, Bita

*    Dizaji, Reza

*    Ebrahimzadeh, Ali

*    Kashani Asl, Shahram

*    Khani, Mohammad 

*    Mohagheg, Ahmad Reza

*    Motamednia, Alireza

*    Ranjbar, Abolfazl

*    Ronaghi, Yaghoub

*    Sadeghi Nahr, Roya

*    Talebnejad, Ahmad

*    Taghizadeh, Bahloul

*    Tavakoli, Mohammad Ali

Inspectors of the Organization:
*    Nasser Emamalipour
*    Hossein Hosseinpour
*    Fariborz Shahramfar

Disciplinary Council of the Organization
*    Ali Mahmoudian Laki; President and Jurist Member
*    Alireza Motamednia; Vice President
*    Heidar Shahnazian; Secretary
*    Seyed Sadegh Mousavi; Member

Directors of the Organization:
Shahrokh Moharramzadeh; Executive Director of the Organization
Rasoul Jalilpour; Director of Engineering Services Unit
Hassan Farajzadeh; Director of Finance
Siamak Elmi; Director of Separation Unit
Shervin Heidarpour; Director of Gas Unit
Seyyed Kian Salami, Supervisor of Sahand Branch
Mohammad Ali Ghanbari; Director of Administrative Affairs
Samad Dehghan;Supervisor of Education
Peyman Khase Tarash; Director of Public Relations
Armin Ahmadieh Akhavan; Director of Towns' Affairs
Khosrow Mahboubi Khiabani; Responsible for Informatics
Peyman SeyedZayer;Director of Research


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